Helsinki Airport Guide to Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Helsinki Airport Parking


There are lots of parking space close to the terminals, there are 5 different parkings that cover a wide range of possibilities. The price of the different parking vary depending on the duration (special prices for 4 days or more) and the location.

Parking Buildings

  • P1 Is the closest parking to T2. 50m walking to T2 and 150m to T1. Price: € 36.00 /day
  • P2 200m walking to T1, 100m walking to T2. Price: € 26.00 /day
  • P3 Is the closest parking to T1. 50m walking to T1 and 300m to T2. Price: € 19.00/day
  • P4A / P4B Is located 950m to T1 and 950m to T2. Is it possible to go walking or by bus. Price: € 12.00/day
  • P5 250m walking to T1, 300m walking to T2. Price: € 19.00/day
  • To Drop Off or Pick Up passengers there’s a charge of 2 or 6 euros depending on the time the car is parked. Prices from 10 to 60 minutes.



There is a filling station operating in Helsinki Airport.

There is no charge if you exit within 10 minutes.

Special prices for long parking.

Free bus connecting all parking buildings.

Free Parking bus

  • Transportation between parking areas
  • Every 15 minutes The Finavia AirPortBus provides transportation to the parking areas from 03:30 am to 01:30 am
  • On Saturday night, service available 24/7
  • Stops at platform 10 in Terminal 1 and platform 21 at Terminal 2



There are some special parking areas available to passengers:

Disabled Parking

  • Free parking in all parking buildings (visit the information desk)
  • Disabled spaces are located in parkings P2, P3 and P5, close to the elevators
  • Drop off and Pick up: There are short-term spaces to drop off and pick up passengers. The spaces are located under the bridge at the end of the terminal 1.
  • Free assistance service
  • Passengers can’t request free parking spaces for disabled travelers in advance
  • To park: take the entry ticket you’ve received from the machine at the gate with you on your trip, as well as your disabled parking permit. When you return from your trip, go to information desk to obtain a free exit ticket.


Electric Cars

  • There are four recharging stations for electric cars
  • The parking spots are located in parking P1
  • No extra cost for the service, is included in the parking fee